Act fast! Prices go up on January 28th, 2017
(Prices will increase 30%)
Act fast! Prices go up on January 28th, 2017 (Prices will increase 30%)
ANNOUNCING: For The First Time Ever...
6 Additional Tucson Gem Show Classes You Can Attend Live From The Comfort of Your Home AND Save $617 Undergoes Major Expense Offering New 
'Live Streaming' Attendance Package for 6 UniqueClasses 
At 2017 Tucson Gem Show
"Would You Like To Save More than $2,000 In Travel Costs and 4 Days of Hassle and Enjoy Making ANY Of These 6 beautiful Jewelry Projects With us, From The Comfort of Your own Home?"
Also works on any smart phone, tablet 
or computer withan internet connection...
Dear Jewelry Maker,

This is a special, time sensitive offer, and something I'm so excited about!
(Parts of this offer expire on January 20th, 2017 so read quickly)

In fact, by taking action on this page, you will be able to get more than $816 in live classes taught by leading jewelry artists and instructors for over 75% off! 

Please read the details below so you have a chance to participate.  I promise it will be worth the few minutes you need to read it.

In all the years of the Tucson Gem Shows, no one has done what we're doing... It's going to be very special. 

Now, let me ask you some questions:
  • Have you ever wanted to attend the Tucson Gem Show, yet found it too far, too expensive and too sold out to make the trip?
  • Does going to Tucson this February sound great yet just won't fit in your schedule?
  • Are you already going to the Tucson Gem show and wish you could stay longer or attend more classes?
  • Would you like to take a live class making an amazing, beautiful piece of jewelry AND be able to watch that class again and again to follow along and get better at those techniques?
  • Would you like to learn directly from Jeff Fulkerson, Janet Alexander, Sarah Thompson or even Marilyn Gardiner and be able to work from the comfort of your home jewelry studio?
If any of these describe you, you're not alone AND you're in for a treat...

Hi, my name is Judy Ellis director of content and education at and  My mission is to serve and inspire our customers.

Seeing your creations and success stories, are one of my greatest joys at work.

That's why I love the Tucson Gem Show every year.  I get to see amazing new jewelry that you create live, right in our classes.  This year we're teaching 110 live classes with 20 different instructors.

It's going to be our biggest year yet, I can't wait.

However, part of this makes me very very sad.  Chances are if you're reading this you would love to attend the Tucson Gem Show, yet this year it just won't happen for you.

That's disappointing to me because I know how much you would love what we have prepared this year...

For years, we've talked about doing something to make our classes available to more people... However, nothing has ever been the right fit.

Until recently, I thought we'd never be able to extend these awesome classes to our loyal fans, customers, and customers to be, at home...

Until now:
ANNOUNCING: 6 Tucson Gem Show High Definition Live Streaming Classes (Up To 500 Student Capacity) 
We looked closely at the 110 classes we have to offer this year at Tucson, and found 6 That we thought the most people would be interested in that we were able to broadcast live.  

Because we're giving these 6 classes so much advertising attention, they will sell out live, so streaming is your best option at this point...
Which Of These 6 Beautiful Projects 
Would You Like To Create With Us?

Desert Dreams Mixed Media Woven Bracelet with Phyllis Martin-Rennie

This is a "mixed media" woven bracelet. Learn to a flat Herringbone stitch using Toho seed beads metal spacers in the middle and just look at how it's finished! All metal is lead free. Many color choices offered. If you don't finish you will definitely know how to complete when leaving class!
Friday - February 3rd, 2017
10:30AM - 2:00PM (MST) 

Dew Drop Pendant with Sarah Thompson

A great beginner class to learn weaving with fine-gauged wires. We will be creating a bezel to capture large pearl. We will then get to practice our organic shaping as we create a beautiful backing to our pendant, making in the process a double-sided pendant. One side is simple the other side ornate.
Friday - February 3rd, 2017
2:30PM - 6:00PM (MST) 

Double Decker Stone Ring with Janet Alexander

The double decker stone setting creates the most unusual ring! The top stone creates an accent top for the bottom stone. The ring band is adjustable so you can wear it on any finger and the ring doesn’t tarnish because it's made from Argentium sterling silver.

In this one-day work shop learn the following skills: How to anneal metal, soldering Argentium silver, stone setting a cabochon stone, drilling a hole through a stone, connect the stones together by riveting the top bezel to the bottom setting using round wire, creating an adjustable band, how to work with Argentium Silver, texturing metal, using a reciprocating hammer to set stones. Skill Level: Intermediate

Saturday - February 4th, 2017
10:30AM - 6:00PM (MST) 

Foursquare Bracelet with Marilyn Gardner

Open, airy squares are linked together to create a bracelet you'll fall in love with. Use, or learn, Byzantine techniques to make the four corners of each unit. Pre-requisite: Completion of a one or two previous chainmail projects would be helpful.
Sunday - February 5th, 2017
10:30AM - 2:00PM (MST) 

Art Deco Bracelet with Ronda Stevens

This pattern is my take on a very traditional wire wrapped bracelet. When I displayed the first bracelet that I made, a customer commented about the beautiful Art Deco effects of the wraps and square wire. The design can be adjusted to suite a 5.5" wrist up to an 8" wrist. We will not just lengthen the bracelet, but change the design to suit your wrist size.
Sunday - February 5th, 2017
2:30PM - 6:00PM (MST) 

Cabochon Ring with Heavy Set Bezel by Jeff Fulkerson

We will discuss picking a cabochon and what to look for. You will learn how to make a heavy chiseled and cut bezel and an overlay shank so your ring will
stand out from the crowd. You will learn how to sweat solder, make a heavy bezel with notches/cuts to really set off your stone.

Skill Level: All Levels
Monday - February 6th, 2017
10:30AM - 4:00PM (MST) 
How Does Live Streaming Work?
For months, even years we've searched for a way to do this, and finally the right video and technology people have stepped into our company and now we are able to offer it.

A live experience, with multiple cameras capturing all the angles you need to follow along as if you were there with us, and dare I say maybe even better than being in person.

After all, when you go to a live jewelry class do you get to look right down on top of the instructors hands the entire time in high definition without leaning over, bending your neck or straining your eyes to see it?

Do you get to work from the comfort of home in your ideal Jewelry Making Environment, where you can wear what you want, always be on time, and where you have every tool available?

Well that's what you get in a live streaming class, and because you're attending over the internet we can accommodate a lot more students without the higher price of an in person class where we have limited seating.
It's As Simple As Logging Into Facebook
The way this works is very very simple, so I decide to make a quick video showing you where you'll go to watch your live streaming classes.

(The video below shows how our pre-recorded content is accessible online, the only difference for these classes is that they will be live)
So there you have it... it's really simple.  You log in, click on the class or classes you've selected to attend at the time of the class and a video player will bring you right into the class as if you were there in person with us!
Thank you for being a loyal customer, I'm excited to see all the great things you make during these live classes, click on the button below to check availability. 

Claim your spot before this special early bird promotion ends!

Judy Ellis
Director of Education and

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Do I Need To Travel? What are the hotel arrangements? 

    NO! That's the best benefit of what we're offering today.  You can simply watch the class live on your computer, smart phone, tablet or iPad where ever you have an internet connection.

    After the class is over a replay will be made available so you can watch the class again and again, and go over it as many times as you need to.  Later, if you choose our DVD upgrade option, we'll send you a DVD recording of the class, edited to make it quick and easy to follow along.
  • Will I Be Able To Ask Questions During The Class?

    Yes! Each class will include live chat, we'll do our best to get to every question however, if we have 500 students we may not have time to answer every question.  Our support team will do their best to collect the most common questions and get live answers from the instructors.
  • Will The Classes Be Recorded

    Yes! We will live stream the classes, and then shortly after you will be able to access the class video replay, as if you were watching live.  After that, we'll be editing these classes and making DVDs that will also be available. 

  • What If I Can't Attend Live?

    All the classes will be recorded, and you get digital replay access with your purchase of the classes.
  • How much do these classes cost?

    We've created a special discount pricing schedule for all the classes.  Click here to check availability, and choose the classes you're interested in and you'll see what it would cost to attend the classes you're interested in.  
  • What about supply kits?

    After you register for the classes you want, a supply kit list will be provided and you'll have the opportunity to purchase the exact supply kit that will be used in class.

  • What Types of Devices Work?

    Any device with a good internet connection, that could play a youtube video or any other online video format will work.  

    iPhones - Yes!
    iPads - Yes!
    Android Smart Phones - Yes!
    Android Tablets - Yes!
    Apple Computers - Yes!
    Windows Computers - Yes!
    Microsoft Surface - Yes!
    Google Chrome Cast - Yes!
    Anything else you can think of?
    Give us a call and we can tell you if it will work or not 1-866-453-6147
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